This page covers the performance of Team China during the 2016 Games.


We are proud to announce that Ma Strength Chinese Weightlifting Technique Clinics are now eligible for 0.7 CEUs through the NASM! This is our second major accreditation which allows trainers to continue the education and further distinguish themselves in the strength and conditioning field. If you are a NASM CPT, please contact us if you are seeking to fulfill CEUs as part of your attendance in future seminars.


Starting December 2015, Ma Strength Chinese Weightlifting Technique Clinics are now eligible for 0.7 CEUs through the NSCA! We hope this will help further distinguish NSCA-CSCS and NSCA-CPTs in the strength and conditioning field. We are also working on accreditation with other national organizations well so stay tuned for those updates! Please contact us if you are seeking to fulfill CEUs as part of your attendance in future seminars.


The Ma Strength weightlifting camp took place from July 15 – 29 at the Ma Jiang Training Base in Fuzhou, China. Twenty-two attendees from the United States, Australia, Brazil, England, France, and Russia took part in this unique experience. Some participants were veterans of the Ma Strength camp but all were new to training at the Ma Jiang National Training Base.

The Ma Jiang base provided attendees with the unique opportunity to experience what it’s like to train like a Chinese professional athlete. Camp participants lived their life for 2 weeks by training on the same schedule...


We are pleased to announce the 2015 Ma Strength Weightlifting Camp! This July, the Ma Strength team will take 20-30 interested athletes for a two week camp training camp at the Ma Jiang Training Center in Fujian, China. This training hall is home to the Fujian professional weightlifting team which has produced many Olympic and world Champions past and present such as Lin Qingfeng, Zhang Xiang Xiang, Shi Zhiyong, among others. Earlier this year, this base served as one of the locations for winter training for members of the men’s National team.

If you are interested in joining us,...


Are you interested in learning the secrets of Chinese weightlifting technique? Do you dream of learning directly from Olympic gold medalists? Do you wish you could see elite athletes lift up close and personal?

Never seen before in the U.S., join Ma strength in New York, Washington, DC, and the Chicagoland area in December 2014 for special Ma Strength Weightlifting Technique clinics featuring Chinese Olympic gold medalists Lyu Xiaojun and Liao Hui!

The clinics will run for about 2 hours with a format consisting of the Ma Strength team discussing the Chinese approach to...


We have posted some awesome lifting videos on our youtube, facebook, and tumblr accounts. Examples include Liao Hui unofficially breaking his competition record CJ by 2kg, 17 year-old Meng Cheng snatching 130kg at 56kg bodyweight, and Lu Xiaojun doing bottom-up overhead squats with 180kg! We encourage you to subscribe and follow any of these sites to receive the latest postings. Check us out here:





For those of you near the Tacoma, WA area, we invite you to join the Ma Strength team on Nov 22-23 for our Chinese Weightlifting Technique Clinic at Trident Athletics. Participants will undergo 2 days of training learning the Chinese approach to the snatch and clean & jerk. This clinic offers something for everyone:

1) Lifters in a program will learn an intuitive approach so that they are able to focus more on their own lifting and less on a list of details.

2) Lifters without access to coaching will learn a reproducible approach so that they can advance their own...


From July 23 through August 6, a group of male and female weightlifters from 10 countries gathered for 2 weeks in Beijing, China to attend the Ma Strength Weightlifting Camp. With various training backgrounds, experience levels, and goals, all gathered through a common interest – a love of Olympic weightlifting.


The camp took place at the...


We have translated Lu Xiaojun documentary from CCTV footage. We plan on interviewing him during the Ma Strength Chinese Weightlifting Camp in Bejing. If you have questions you would like us to ask, please leave comments in the video or blog. Learn about Lu Xiaojun’s story and please subscribe to our channel and please share!



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