• Chinese weightlifting camp

    Chinese Weightlifting Camps

    Exclusive, immersive, intense. We’re delighted to introduce our Summer and Winter Camps for athletes and coaches looking to get serious about their Olympic weightlifting program.


  • * Exclusive training delivered by world-class olympic weightlifting coaches
  • * Individual and small-group training alongside high-level weightlifters
  • * Immersive, on-site experience
  • * Access knowledge maintained by only a handful of people in the world

"This [camp] was an absolutely amazing experience lifting with real professional athletes and coaches. I made life long friends with fellow lifters from around the world." ----Jonathan White, Summer 2019 Participant, Changsha


This May and June, get ready to take your weightlifting technique and knowledge to another level!



This December, get ready to take your weightlifting technique and knowledge to another level!

  • John Steiner

    John Steiner

    "A huge thanks to Coach Manuel Buitrago and Coach Jianping Ma for putting on a seminar at Crossfit Greensboro on 2/7. The quality of coaching is unmatched..."

  • Craig Orwin

    Craig Orwin

    "I took what I learned from the seminar this last weekend to training today. By far the most consistent, high-quality training session I've ever had. HUGE thanks to Coach Ma and Coach Manuel for their help and knowledge!"

  • Scott Cereghino

    Scott Cereghino

    "Takeaway from the weekend ... it's highly unlikely that you won't take something positive away from this seminar. Especially when you are learning from a Coach with such a long history (over 40 years) of competing and coaching at the highest level in the world. If you get the chance, go to a Ma Strength Seminar....it's well worth it!!"

  • Chet Lau

    Chet Lau

    "Coach, today was the first day I've walked out of the gym without knee pain. Thanks again for a great seminar!"

  • John Weeks

    John Weeks

    "Many thanks to Ma Strength coaches Jian Ping Ma and Manuel Buitrago for their outstanding technique clinic held at my gym Tough Temple CrossFit this past weekend. Having been coached by many great coaches over the past three years, and becoming a coach of the olympic lifts myself, I can say the level of understanding and insight offered by these two coaches is truly great. "

  • Jerell M. Barber

    Jerell M. Barber

    "As a coach and a lifter I definitely value the chance to connect with these athletes /coaches to gain not only knowledge, but definitely perspective on the sport of weightlifting. Again thanks for the opportunity and I will definitely participate and encourage others to participate in anything you guys hold in the future!"

  • Tommy Caldwell

    Tommy Caldwell

    "I've attended quite a few olympic lifting clinics in the past 6-7 years, including private camps with Olympic Medalists and a Camp with Team USA at the Olympic Training Center, but this weekend's clinic with Jianping Ma and Manuel Buitrago has been my favourite so far."