In which languages are Ma Strength courses presented?

Usually, our courses are presented in English but can performed in Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin. For other languages, the organizer may include a translator if necessary. Please check with the event organizer in these cases.

Is it possible to hold a private courses for our gym/community?

Yes, there have been private seminars for coaching staff of a gym, and it is possible to hold seminars in other training environments such as universities. Please contact us and we’ll work together to develop a course specific to your needs.

What is the course cancellation and refund policy?

We work hard to avoid cancellations, but in the rare event that a seminar is cancelled, participants can solicit the organizer for a refund of the seminar fee. Participants are not entitled to any compensation or indemnity for any expenses or damages they incurred into.

What happens if I’m registered for a Ma Strength seminar and I’m unable to attend?

As a general rule, all course registrations are nonrefundable but you can transfer your spot to another individual. Of course, exceptional circumstances are taken into consideration on an individual basis.

Do you offer online training or remote coaching?

We are actively working on online solutions. Please sign up for our Newsletter to stay updated.

Do your courses earn any CEU’s credits?

Yes, Ma Strength Level 1, 2, and 3 seminars are approved by NASM for 7 credit hours each upon completion of the course. Some organizations recognize NASM credits, but please consult to your certification provider for more information.

Are there any prerequisites to attending Ma Strength courses and will I be forced to lift heavy?

We recommend that you are able to perform a front squat, back squat, overhead squat with an empty bar (at least). Ma Strength courses focus on teaching and developing new motor patterns so we usually lift for technique and repetition rather than for weight.

Where can I purchase Ma Strength apparel and Chinese weightlifting gear, and do you ship internationally?

You can Ma Strength apparel and Chinese weightlifting products in our online store and we ship internationally. For more about shipping, please see our shipping policies.

How can I host a Ma Strength Course and are there any incentives?

Please use our contact page, which will outline host requirements and incentives. When considering a host, we take into consideration a number of factors, such as the demand of the course in the local community, lead time, etc.

Can I gift a course/seminar to a family member or friend?

Yes. Please contact the event organizer of your intentions.