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  • Honorary Weightlifting Coaching Credential – Chengdu Sports University
  • USA Weightlifting Coach
  • USA Weightlifting Referee


Coach Manuel received his honorary coaching credential in weightlifting from Chengdu Sports University in Sichuan, China. He began traveling to China in 2003 and furthered his weightlifting knowledge by studying and translating Chinese sports science research articles, manuals, and textbooks on weightlifting written by Chinese sports scientists and coaches.

Manuel was mentored by Coach Ma Jianping, learning Chinese weightlifting technique and training methods. He’s furthered his lifting ability and knowledge by traveling to various training bases in China, working with and training professional Chinese weightlifters.

Coach Manuel has taught Chinese weightlifting technique, theory, and programming in China as well as around the world. He has conducted over 100 seminars and worked with Olympic and world-level weightlifters as well as high-level CrossFit® athletes from various countries. His knowledge of Chinese language and culture allows him to bridge language barriers and convey the essence behind Chinese weightlifting methods to Western audiences without changing the content. He has conducted Chinese Weightlifting seminars in Spanish, Portuguese, and is working on Italian translations.